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international TaeKwon-Do Academy


Our mission is to inspire and motivate members by promoting health and fitness. We focus in the development of our members by incorporating our core values, discipline, respect, and honor into our programs and activities to help students develop inner strength, grow self-confidence, and build community connections both within the Academy and outside our doors. ITA strives to provide a family and friendly approach to Martial Arts. Our classes are designed to meet the students' goals from weight loss to building a healthy lifestyle. International TKD Academy accepts all levels of fitness – from children as young as four (4) years of age to adults. Our program offers something for everyone. From discipline to energy release for children; to teens and adults looking to exercise and get back into shape.


My goal as your instructor is to teach you the functions in the art of self-defense. Martial Arts in not just self-defense, but also a way of life. Learn to defend yourself by building confidence, strength, stamina, discipline, leadership, respect, team work. Let International TKD Academy be the DoJang of choice and make a positive change in your life. Our school focuses in teaching and empowering your children to become future leaders in life!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step" - Lao Tzu

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